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Welcome to the École professionnelle de machinerie lourde

We are a training center for construction equipment operators and heavy machinery located in Terrebonne.

Training and assessment of personnel in HEAVY MACHINERY

Site safety.
For Quebec municipalities and boroughs, customized training is available for your company.


Life doesn't stop because of an accident.
Career reorientation.

We specialize in training adult clients undergoing career changes.

Customized training

Weekend learning
WEEKEND gear lessons

From April to November

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Welcome to our website

Heavy Machinery Operator Training

We are a heavy machinery training school. Under the supervision of Jocelyn Ouimet, we use innovative techniques and state-of-the-art tools. This helps you to carry out excavation work in a variety of realistic situations.

Personnel assessment

Municipal, construction and in-house

Private lessons

Construction equipment

Further training

Corporate Services


Since 2004

About the school

No selection, no exams, just sign up!

We orient candidates towards a complete career; it’s a complete training to be able to work anywhere in Canada.

Skills are acquired in two stages: technical learning and operational learning. Theory is taught in the classroom, then put into practice in the field. A whole range of intensive courses is available. Depending on the program chosen, training courses last from 1 to 13 weeks, depending on the machine(s) selected.

Tax credits

You could benefit from a tax credit of up to 30% for your tuition fees. We are recognized by the Agence du Revenu du Québec #19-03-4050 and the Canada Revenue Agency #7009-11607.

How does it work?

Candidates attend theoretical lectures, then put what they've learned into practice on the job site with a variety of machines, all with the student's career goals in mind!

Customized training

We offer our courses in an intensive, tailor-made format. We offer intensive training courses specially designed for individuals, cities and companies. We offer you individual, tailor-made training.

Take control of your future today!

The machines

Our candidates will learn to operate all types of machines, in a real field environment.

The backhoe loader (pepine)

Backhoe loaders is used for a bunch of tasks like digging holes, excavating trenches, breaking asphalt, and even paving roads. It is used on construction sites as well as for municipal, recycling and agricultural work.

Wheel loader

The wheel loader is a highly versatile tool, used in the construction, snow removal, materials handling, mining and quarrying, forestry, demolition and recycling industries.

Hydraulic excavator

This construction machine is also known as an excavator, backhoe or shovel. It is available in wheeled or tracked versions.


A tracked or rubber-tired tractor equipped with at least one steerable blade, used for demolition or pushing various materials. It's a vital piece of equipment on any construction site, used in quarries and mines. It is designed for public works and land clearing.

Motor grader

The grader is an indispensable piece of public works equipment. It can be used in conjunction with other public works machines for heavy-duty work. It is also used in quarries and mines.

Customized training


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Why choose us?

We’re innovators. Our teaching methods use state-of-the-art technology. Our courses enable you to practice excavation work of all kinds, in an astonishing variety of soils, and in work situations and job sites that are as close to reality as possible.

New employees are trained


Frederik Durocher

I had a great three weeks of training, the trainers are excellent and friendly. They will train you in exactly what employers require of operators. Perfect for sandbox lovers! Prices are equal to market prices.

Max Guerin

Best experience ever!

Claude Boivin

Excellent training school. Jocelyn is passionate about his work, and is highly skilled in heavy machinery training.


I really enjoyed my stay with you, the training was what I expected and the trainer Pascal was "his tick". You have a beautiful site to learn on, it's like a real building site. THANK YOU FOR PASSING ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Trust and value

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It all depends on the course you choose. We offer customized and intensive training courses.

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Monday to Friday:
7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.